Upcoming live dates for Helen will be at Llanffylin library, Powys on Friday 9th December at 3.45pm and at Wrexham Museum on Tuesday 20th December at 2pm.Helen, together with Rick, will be performing 'The Moon's Two Wives' at 'Stealing Thunder' which happens on Thursday February 9th at Brigster village hall, Cumbria LA8 8AL at 7.30pm.

Helen and Rick are now developing a presence on and some initial material can now be found by entering 'Helen East / Rick Wilson' under the storytelling category.

Helen has a story featured in 'The Anthology of English Folktales' which has just been published by The History Press. This story was one of many found in Helen's most recent book 'London Folktales' (History Press) which received the Storytelling World Resource (USA) Award for 2015. It continues to sell well in both paper and kindle versions. Helen is one of the contributors to 'Storytelling for a Greener World'(Hawthorn Press),a book exploring environment, community and story-based learning, which was published in 2014. She is also a featured contributor to 'Landing Stages', a book of selections from the Ashden Directory of Environment and Performance 2000-14.

Meanwhile, Helen's previous book 'How the Olympics Came To Be'(British Museum publications),in partnership with the artist Mehrdokht Amini, received runner-up position at the Ace children's book awards for 2012.

                                                rick at Redriff lunchtime drum club

Rick's audio installation is still awaiting you at the Mythstories Museum in Wem, Shropshire. It comprises 3 sound stories from the Amazonian rainforest region and is accessed via a cd. The exhibit is completed by pre-recorded told versions of the stories and artwork depicting some of the characters, and is all housed in lush south American fauna. This forms part of several Museum commissions made possible by a grant from NESTA.

rick at Redriff  lunchtime drum club

"A story is like water that you heat for your bath. It takes messages between the fire and your skin. It lets them meet, and it cleans you ! Very few can sit down in the middle of the fire itself like a salamander or Abraham. We need intermediaries." Rumi

"When the story is in your mind, then you see its relevance to something happening to you. With the loss of that, we've really lost something because we don't have a comparable literature to take its place". Joseph Campbell


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